Started by Dan Brown in 1999, ATP is a Injection molding company that specializes
in low to high production and test applications.

Injection Molding

Started by Dan Brown in 1999, ATP is a injection molding company that specializes in low to high production and test specimen applications. Our 40+ years of experience in injection mold manufacturing allows ATP to focus on what we excel at; product quality, low cost pricing strategies, decreasing lead times, and lean manufacturing.

How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work?

Our injection molding process at American Test Plaque (ATP) is a standard process involving common plaque inventory or customized aluminum and steel molds. Our process monitors fill pressure, temperature, timing, and the quality of the parts during all phases of the molding cycle.

The injection molding process starts by pouring resin pellets into a barrel where they will eventually be heated until melted, compressed, and injected into the mold. The heated resin is then forced into the mold cavity through the gates within the mold and and the part is molded within the mold. When the mold cavity is built, they add ejector pins that help with the removal of the part from the mold after the resin as been forced into the cavity and cooled. When the resin has cooled the mold is separated apart and the ejector pins push the part out of the cavity and into a loading bin below.

Krauss Maffei Injection Molding Machine

Machine Capabilities

ATP is a 10,000 sq foot custom injection molding facility with injection molding machines ranging from 100 to 700 tons. We support both low to high volume assembly and production applications in the automotive and consumer market place for products ranging from (1) Ounce to (7) Lbs shot size.

Machine Sizes

100 to 700
Ton Capabilities

Machine Count

8 Injection
Mold Machines

Shot Size

(1) Ounce to
(7) Lbs Shot Size

Plaque Inventory

Looking for common plaque molds? We have 30+ common plaque molds in our inventory at our facility in Livonia, MI. For a complete list of our common mold inventory click the link below or visit our 'plaques' page.

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